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Hollywood is coming to Silsoe!


Well, not really... But Silsoe Drama Club is making a movie!  That's right,with the talent on and off the stage at our disposal we are going to bring some of it to the silver screen.  Written by Mike Talbot, the working title is "Are The Sprouts Organic?" and it will be directed by Edward Frizzelle.


Filming has begun and we are looking to premiere the film in 2016 before sending it off to film festivals. Stay tuned for more information!



The story...


It is Christmas Eve.  Frank and Helen are shortly expecting Jill and her husband Harry to stay for the holiday season.


Helen is a loyal and level-heaed wife who spends much of her time stoically placating her husband, who has made it his retirement ambition to be as cantankerous as humanly possible to all and sundry, and in particular to his son-in-law.


Jill has recently started a course of HRT which, much to Harry's dismay, has boosted her libido dramatically.  She has also, Frank notes, become certifiably bonkers.


Joining the party for lunch are Frank and Helen's pregnant daughter Caroline who, with her "County Nuclear Liaison Officer" and committed eco-warrior husband Adrian, is making a short visit before flying to Australia later that evening.


An unexpected arrival is Bruce, a young Australian who has lived next door for the past eighteen months and who since his arrival has consumed sufficient beer at the local hostelry to enable the owner to enjoy several world cruises.  He is running short of cash and has formulated a cunning but illegal plan to keep himself in the lifestyle to which he is accustomed.  Unfortunately the plan is not so much cunning as stupid - and, since Adrian is an integral part of it, has as much chance of success as a one-legged man in an arse-kicking contest.


During the course of the film we discover much of the history of all three couples, including how Adrian was the cause of, among other things, an explosion in Frank's trousers and Bruce's extended holiday...

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